who are you now?

noiembrie 04, 2011

Music: Honor Society - Where are you now?
Gânduri: did i make it that easy to walk right in and out of my life?

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"to the ones who cared and who were there from the start, to the love that left and took a piece of my heart, to the few who'd swear i'd never go anywhere, where are you now? where are you now? 'cause i'm thinking of you, you showed me how, how to live like i do. if it wasn't for you i would never be who i am."

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1 comentarii

  1. I think of you..I miss you..I need you..your love your hugs your lips..but don`t make a mistake I`m not fake..I am who I am..love me as I am..my heart is yours..
    frumoase vorbe..sper ca ale mele sa nu fie prea dure:]