martie 07, 2011

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it was my mistake. i've written pages upon pages trying to rid you from my bones.
but i can't. simple as that. not even after all this time. but you know,
my mistake wasn't the fact that i tried to erase you, it was
that i didn't realize i could live like this. you will always be a part
of me, even though i may never be a part of you ever again.
that, if i was lucky enough to ever be
a part of you. i bet you already found another her and
it's ok, you know.. i can't ever tie you to me. i just can't. you need to be free
without me. i was never supposed to be by your side. at least not
in the way i wanted to. or want to. i guess i'll have to keep you my little
secret from now on.
i hope you'll find someone who will love you better and who will stay with you no
matter what. i hope you're happy. seriously, be happy.
me? don't worry, i will be fine. i've always been a fighter. i am going
to make it trough, don't mind me. i will never drown, even though some days i'm
certain i'll do so.

love you, always. me.

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