martie 25, 2009

... crazy. Ok, deci deja am innebunit. Blog-ul asta e jumi-juma. Half english, half romanian. Si eu sunt ceva intre. Lol.

Nu am ce sa fac asa ca imi pierd timpul postand pe blog. Lalalala.
Hmm. So hei. How are you? Fine, right? Thought so. Lawl, this day was pretty awkard.I strated reading Skip Beat again.

I know, I know, I’m really anxious to see how things will develop between Ren and Kyoko. Anyway when I’m reading a manga for the sencond time I’m reading it really carefuly. It ALWAYS happens to miss things. So now I’m reading every little dialogue bubble. Blah, blah.

I don’t have anything worth saying right now, I just feel like writing. And since I haven’t written here for a while now, I thought, why not. Woah Kyoko is so cute and strong and I’d kill be to be like her. I wonder… You know, when I was little, well, not that small. I think it was around fifth grade. Someone told me I’m fit to be an actress. A small compliment made me happy and from that day on I thought someday I’ll become a famous actress. Now, like 4 years later I gave up on that idea. I’m not cut to be a celebrity I don’t have a thing, nor the looks, nor the talent. Heh. Life, right? But I love writing so maybe I sould concentrate on this side. It would be, ah, so nice to become a famouse witer. Ooops! I was off in La La Land for a second. XD

Blah! So tired. I think I’ll go to sleep. Lord, waking at 6:30 AM is crazy.

Bai Bai ~

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